In the world of new technologies, more and more bookmakers are developing mobile versions, mobile applications, and the main reason for this is to attract more and more customers, who love mobile sports betting, as well as betting in casino games. Mobile betting is becoming more common with the proliferation of mobile phones and tablets. In recent years, a lots of of bettors have used their mobile phones to place bets online. Betting via mobile phone or tablet has its advantages and disadvantages, and here we will make a brief review of the pros and cons of the mobile version and mobile application, compared to the desktop version of online bookmaker websites.

Pros and cons of mobile betting

One of the main advantages is the ability to bet not only at home, or where you have a desktop computer, but also in the park, walking on the street, in a cafe or elsewhere, you have access to the Internet, and in addition you must have access to mobile device. You can place bets before the start of sports competitions, during sports matches, called live betting, and you can also play casino games, as most of the mobile versions of the sites and applications are developed with the ability to play on casino and live casino. The mobile version of the site at most bookmakers has almost the same functionality as the desktop version. This also applies to the mobile version and the mobile application. The difference is that with the mobile application you need to install it first, download the file then install it on your mobile device, and with the mobile version you can work with the browser by typing the address of the bookmaker and enter the site, after that you can log in to your account with a username and password and bet on different types of sports competitions and casino games, you can deposit, participate in a bonus promotion, withdraw winnings and even, if you has winnings and want to withdraw and in some applications you can watch live matches, or other sporting events.

The disadvantages of mobile betting are that no matter how big the screens of mobile devices become, they are still much smaller, than the desktop version of the site, so this can still be considered a minus, but with tablets. are slightly better in terms of screen size. For a disadvatage, we can note also, that not all the features that are in the desktop version are available on the mobile application or mobile version, as most bookmakers inform, that the functionality is almost the same, but still there are things that the desktop version offers more as options and functions. There is also a mobile application through which you can not register and you can do this through the desktop version or the mobile version of the site.

In general, although there are still users, who prefer the desktop version of the site, we can say that more and more customers like to play on their mobile device or more precisely to bet and have the opportunity at any time of the day and night. in any place to take your phone or tablet to log into your account to deposit to withdraw funds to bet on Sports and Casino and even to watch a sports matches live.

Mobile betting is becoming increasingly popular and bookmakers are seeking to offer newer technologies to incorporate newer betting features and options into their mobile apps and mobile versions of their sites. One of the most common mobile betting App is for Android and iOS operating systems and they are most commonly used in smartphones and tablets. Some bookmakers also offer Windows applications for users of Windows phones and tablets.

What is the difference between the mobile application and the mobile version?

The mobile version is developed for mobile phones and tablets mostly as it is almost the same in functionality as the desktop version and has a similar look but in a reduced size. It is made to be lighter for mobile devices and to be able to load faster on smartphones and tablets, especially as for this purpose the images, scripts and website code of the site are made so that the mobile version is lighter and loading faster on these devices. Through the mobile version you can log in to your account in a bookmaker that offers a mobile version of the site, you can deposit, withdraw money, bet and in some mobile versions you can watch live football matches or other sports events.

On most of the mobile versions you can also play casino games, if they are offered at the bookmaker company. To work with the mobile version you need a mobile device, that still has a relatively new version of Android iOS or Windows operating systems and in some cases other types of operating systems and for this purpose you need to load the web address of the bookmaker in the mobile browser.
The difference for mobile version and app is that you must first download the file called APK file and install it on your smartphone or tablet in general, after which you can work with the mobile application. In most bookmakers, the mobile application is not present in Google Play and you have to download it from the bookmaker’s website. Once you have downloaded the application and installed it you’ll has an icon on your mobile device and with one click it can enter the bookmaker’s website.

The mobile version and the mobile application have been an exchange part of sports betting and casino games in recent years, as they develop fast and more and more betting options are offered for both sports and casinos. The mobile version and the mobile application are becoming faster, as loading time and with more features, so customers see the advantage to use a mobile betting.  Bookmakers, ast the same time develop and offer the latest technologies, so that customers can be satisfied and get functionality close to the desktop version, while betting at any time when they prefer and when they are not in front of the desktop computer or laptop. Most bookmakers use mobile applications that are for sports, casino and some of them for poker, but a small part of them make applications separately for sports, casino or poker. You can decide what to use mobile version, mobile aplication, or both and will take the advantages of latest versions of bookmakers online sports and casino betting.