Virtual sports have become very popular in recent years, and there are sports bettors, who prefer to try their luck at virtual sports, beside standard sports betting. also there are people like both standart and vrtual bets. Virtuals sports are different types and mainly rely on football, tennis, motor sports, greyhounds, horses, and other virtual sports, but one of the most popular is football.

Here, we will focus mainly on football virtual sports, and we will also look at tennis and motor sports. Virtual sports also include horse and greyhound racing, which are also gaining popularity nowadays, mainly due to their short duration of only a few minutes, followed by the next race and possibility to bet at a choosen time you decide. Virtual sports can be played at any time. This also applies to other sports, such as soccer, tennis, motor sports and etc. They can also be played at any time, so the gambler can decide when to gamble and when not. Unlike standard sports, virtual sports are faster, but at the same time there are fewer betting options, as we will look at in this article and find what is mainly included in virtual football matches. We will mostly focus on them and make a brief review of betting options.

The options for betting on virtual football matches are the same as for real football matches, but they are less than the number of betting options .These are:

Final Result
Over / Under the heads
First half result
Goal / goal

Basically, these are the betting options, but some bookmakers may have more options, others not so much, but in general these are the main options, that virtual sports bettors specifically for football can rely on and can bet on.

What we can say is that the odds are good, relatively high, and again, as in standard matches, we have also a ranking here. There are also championships such as the Champions League, Europa League, World Cups, European Football Championships and others where you can see the rankings to navigate to see team statistics and decide which team to bet on the virtual football.

Virtual tennis is also a popular sport. There are tennis tournaments and betting options, and you can bet on win a Game wins a Set, and etc., which are available in virtual betting tennis at various bookmakers. As we said about football, sometimes there may be more options in one bookmaker for virtual tennis, in another less, but in general the main bets are listed above, which in fact are not insignificant, because in standard tennis they are common, the same or a little more options.

Virtual greyhound racing is also popular. In them you basically have to guess the winner, the first 2 or the first 3. These are the main positions of real dog racing, so the options are very close in both types of bets real and virtual.