Football Predictions

Football bets are part of the sports betting market, and they are of different types. You can make football predictions for the final result, result for 1st and 2nd hals, and you can also make predictions for goals. They are also a correct score predictions, Asian handicaps, even for corners, goals for team 1, for team 2 and others. Football predictions are made by professionals, who work in this field or by non-professionals, and there are also players, who make their own predictions and then bet on these football matches in various bookmaker companies. What we can say is that the football predictions are really diverse, and the main goal is to make the winning predictions, no matter what the sports prediction is, because there are tennis predictions, basketball predictions, valeyball predictions and other predictions.

Here we will list some of the main football predictions, that are made by football professionals, or fans of football betting, the most common of which are 1×2 predictions, goal predictions, predictions for the first half, predictions for the second half, predictions for full time results, and there are also predictions for the first and final end result.


These are predictions for the final result of the football match or more matches, as they are mainly for 1×2 or a victory for the host, a draw or a victory for the guest. These predictions are one of the most common and are major among bettors at sporting events and especially at football matches. Here the goal is to guess the final result of the match, no matter what the result of the first half. As you know, sometimes the result changes in the first half is one, and then another, so the main thing here is to guess the final result of the football match.

Under and Over

With these goal predictions, the purpose it to predict the number of goals, as here we bet mainly on two positions below and above goals (under and over) in football matches. There are certain options for bets, for goals, and they are generally over 0.5 under 0.5, over 1.5 under 1.5, over 2.5 goals, under 2.5 and so on, and you need to predict the positions, whether the goals will be over a certain number or below a certain number.

First half predictions

In this position you have to guess the result only from the first half, it does not matter the final result, but only the first half. Here is a prediction for the first half or 45 minutes of the match, or in the first 45 minutes of the match. When the half is over, if the result is correct predicted, this bet is winning.

Second half predictions

In case of a result for the second half, the one who makes the prediction of the football match has to guess only the second half, as here the first half is not predicted, but only the second is suspected, for this purpose only the second half is monitored and, if the second half is correctly predicted, the bet is winning.

Predictions for correct result

With these predictions, you need to know the exact result of the football match, or more football matches. The position for an correct result has some of the highest odds, but at the same time you have to know the exact result, you also need a lot of luck. Those who predict accurate results, can expect high odds, but the recognition rate is not so high.