The Brazilian Football League starts on 9th August

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The Brazilian Football Championship has announced a start date, and it is 9 th August, 2020, so if all goes according to plan, then the 1st round of the Brazilian Premier League Football Championship should begin. The plan is to finished at 24 February 2021 year, but it also depends on pandemic and will it decrease or increase.

Football has not been played in Brazil since March 2020 and gradually some clubs have decided it is time to resume the football championship in the country. At the same time, there are people who are against and who I think this is dangerous and it is too early to restrat the football championship, but the date that was adopted is August 9, 2020 so the first round of the Brazilian Premier League will begin, if everything goes according to plan and the pandemic does not unfold.

In the Brazilian Premier League football championship, 19 out of 20 clubs are ready to play even in other cities if their city is not safe enough to host a football match. Brazilian President Bolsonaro wants the football championship to resume, as he has been lobbying since May 2020 to start football in Brazil and matches to be played. At the same time, some of sports representatives and football players are against the start of football championships, thinking that it is still too early to play football matches and it is too risky. However, the date has been set and we will see if the Brazilian football championship will start on 9th August 2020, or it will be postponed to a later stage.

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